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MORE CORN! *is bricked*

Okay, it's not corn, it's a new torrent, and

Le Gasp!

Yep, this is going to be the first of many new releases from team Speed Shot, a simple distribution team for new music.

First up is the album End of Days from Vulpvibe. For those of you who don't know, Vulpvibe is an up and coming record label for electronic music, and...I'm just going to be lazy and post the NFO here.

Hello all!

I have received permission, from a wonderful record label called Vulpvibe, an independent group dedicated to only the best in electronic music, to upload one of the free albums they offer, and many more! The leader, Renard Queenston, has even said to pirate their own music!

"Piracy is looked down upon by large, greedy record and distribution labels. We aren't either of those, and we understand that music piracy helps to spread the word better than any other means of advertising. So please, share your purchased MP3s with friends, rip our CDs and upload them, and pirate our radio station, which broadcasts all of our releases, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." ~Renard

So, without further adeu, Welcome to the VUVI nation!

This torrent contains three moderate length mixes from Emoticon, Jackal Queenston, and, of course, Renard Queenston, all in different genres and styles, ranging from Emoticons' bi-polar Hardcore, Jackal Queenson's agro-style Drum and Bass, and Renard's twisted insanity of Gabber and Breakcore. Give them all a listen, and see what you like!

If you have comments for Renard, the man behind the madness, head to the site, or email him at And be sure to leave comments here too! I'd like to see what other's think of this new style of music and distribution.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!


So, go download, seed, and GET THIS SHIT OUT!


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