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" A little insanity keeps you from being mundane!"

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Birthdate:Feb 16
Location:United States of America
As you journey through a vast field you come across a small house unknown as to where it came from. It is late and you grow tired so you decide to see if anyone lives there, and with luck as you move closer there is a light on in the window. Knocking on the door you hear a voice yell "coming". After a few minutes the door opens to a slightly muscular being of a furred origin staring into its eyes you see a familiar kindness so you decide to ask if you can spend the night.
"Sure. Just come in, enjoy my place, I'm always changing it, and so is my life. Some of it is boring, some of it is exiting. Just don't start anything and relax." he says with a caring undertone. "Oh and by the way, name's Akkeresu, but you can call me Ark for short and I am your friendly neighborhood catox, a half cat half fox hybrid, and as far as I know the only one of my kind." Smiles as he ushers you into a spare room and heads out leaving you to your sleep.

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