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Alrighty people! I'm moving to a different account, alrighty?

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Hehe, school continues, and midterms roll, and Jake and I share a rather funny moment.

Alex: When do you get off work?
Jake: XD I'm not at work. I'm doing homework. Japanese homework.
Alex: (In thought) -Thinks of a hot wolfboi in a Bond-esque outfit- Murrrr....
Jake: -chuckles- Something like that.Or a wolfboi in only boxers scribbling away and muttering to himself in Japanese.
Alex: -Nosebleed rocket- XD

Ah...the joys of being in love with someone just as fucking insane as you are. <3

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MORE CORN! *is bricked*

Okay, it's not corn, it's a new torrent, and

Le Gasp!

Yep, this is going to be the first of many new releases from team Speed Shot, a simple distribution team for new music.

First up is the album End of Days from Vulpvibe. For those of you who don't know, Vulpvibe is an up and coming record label for electronic music, and...I'm just going to be lazy and post the NFO here.

Hello all!

I have received permission, from a wonderful record label called Vulpvibe, an independent group dedicated to only the best in electronic music, to upload one of the free albums they offer, and many more! The leader, Renard Queenston, has even said to pirate their own music!

"Piracy is looked down upon by large, greedy record and distribution labels. We aren't either of those, and we understand that music piracy helps to spread the word better than any other means of advertising. So please, share your purchased MP3s with friends, rip our CDs and upload them, and pirate our radio station, which broadcasts all of our releases, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." ~Renard

So, without further adeu, Welcome to the VUVI nation!

This torrent contains three moderate length mixes from Emoticon, Jackal Queenston, and, of course, Renard Queenston, all in different genres and styles, ranging from Emoticons' bi-polar Hardcore, Jackal Queenson's agro-style Drum and Bass, and Renard's twisted insanity of Gabber and Breakcore. Give them all a listen, and see what you like!

If you have comments for Renard, the man behind the madness, head to the site, or email him at And be sure to leave comments here too! I'd like to see what other's think of this new style of music and distribution.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!


So, go download, seed, and GET THIS SHIT OUT!


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  • 15:54 I'll be reaming Linux soon. suse is a pain in the ass and not in a good way.

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Sep. 21st, 2008 04:14 pm
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Avg Speed: 6 mph
Dist: 2.7
Max. Speed: 15.5 mph
Moving Time (counting Voice Post and GPS Tags): 27 minutes.
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  • 03:29 As I lay here and drift into slumber, I see how the world works, and all of it's forces entwined with it.
  • 03:31 I see how each and every source and destination route, act, and how fragile these are, how easy to obliterate.
  • 03:33 Yet one force seems to survive after all others are gone, no matter what warps or distorts it goes through.
  • 03:33 Love. Plain and simple.
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This is so kick ass. I'm been commissioned by Sonic (this drive-in only) to get any and all secondary computers online, secure, and back in operation.

Finally, I get to do what I've been trained to do. =^-^=

More later!


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[22:55] Akkeresu:
[22:57] Winter: Exploding whales has a fucking page? 
[22:57] Winter: Ah, gotchas, and yep. Exploding animals even has a page.
[22:58] Winter: Wow, just wow.  I cannot stop laughing.  "There have also been spontaneous explosions. "
[22:59] Akkeresu: Exploding ants, exploding frogs, exploding kings.
[23:00] Winter: Does me still giggling at the mental image of large mammals going boom make me a bad person?
[23:00] Akkeresu: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......*grins innocently, then scoffs into giggles*
[23:01] Winter: *hides his laughing face* but. but, its hilarious. "Hi, I am a whale.... BOOOOOOOOM!~"
[23:01] Akkeresu: *Grins* Hi, I'm a sheep from Blizzard EnterKABOOOOM! *Gibs*
[23:03] Akkeresu: Oh! Oh! Exploding birds!
[23:05] Winter: xD  god we are messed up people
[23:05] Akkeresu: *rolls across the floor, laughing, tail whipping around*
[23:08] Winter: *snickers and pokes you with his foot* Hehe, us in the same household might mean the end of a sane world
[23:09] Akkeresu: Wait, wait, this is going on LJ!
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Seems like this thing is gathering dust, eh?

Well, let's see about fixing that.

Today, after work, bike ride.

Simple as that. I went to do something I hadn't done in a while.

Good 9.5 mile bike in Pass Christian. Felt pretty good.

And, I got TF2 and Garry's Mod, so feel free to add me with offthewall234 or Akkeresu

And, until later.

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Yea, I know, should have updated earlier, sue me. XD

Well, iPod croaked, by my own doing by forcing a click of death to get a new one. Well, the new one doesn't detect being connected to a computer, so blarg,

Also, it figures. As soon as I turn in my 2-weeks notice at McDonalds', things crank up in stress, difficulty, and the attitude of the weekend night manager. If I didn't have my music and a bit of caffine, I might have started launching apple pies at random people.

Add that with having to pull my room back together after college and vacation...yea, this catox is stretched thin.

So, with that, I bid ya'll ado, and see you fuzzies later. Within a week, I should be back in gear.


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Apr. 5th, 2008 02:30 pm
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Let's sum it um, shall we...

  • Physically tired
  • Mentally tired
  • Sexually tired
  • Emotionally tired
That does it...I wish I had more time to relax...

And, I could talk to my love more...
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